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Legionella Control for Care Homes

All day centres for the elderly and residential care homes are required to have a written scheme of control and legionella assessment to comply with the requirements of:

  • ACoP L8 and the associated technical guidance set out in HSG274 Part 2
  • HSG220 Health and Safety in Care Homes

By their very nature, care homes are occupied by vulnerable persons and it is essential for service providers to respect all of the control measures required by the client to ensure the safety and security of the building population.

Key factors for legionella control include:

  • The correct installation and operation of tank fed systems
  • Effective temperature control
  • The installation and operation of scald protection devices
  • Effective showerhead cleaning and disinfection

The operation and maintenance of installed chemical dosing equipment is a key issue and a particular feature of larger care home domestic water systems.

Watertec has the experience, expertise and track record to deliver effective legionella and scald protection control to the care home sector.

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