Watertec risk assessments are key documents providing clear and concise recommendations for successful legionella control. 

Our assessments have a modular format starting with an evaluation of existing arrangements, building use and demographics and in depth appraisal of the domestic hot and cold water systems.

The process categorises water systems and processes with a structured risk rating and includes:

- inspection of tanks, water heaters, water distribution systems, valves, fittings and outlets

- identification of aerosol generators, low use outlets and pipework deadlegs

- a photographic record of key items of plant and equipment

- labelling of plant, pipework and outlets

- a detailed asset register 

- temperature checks covering the entire system (including anti-scald devices where fitted)

- an evaluation of potable water quality including vending and hot and cold drinks machines

- microbiological sample results

- detailed schematic drawings produced in a user friendly format clearly identifying key items of plant, aerosol generators, sentinel and low use outlets

- backflow protection issues

- recommendations for system improvement

- recommendations for the implementation of a suitable Written Scheme of Control proportionate to the identified risk and the building population exposed to it

Additional modules are included as required for the assessment of:

scald protection devices

evaporative cooling systems

air conditioning

spa pools and whirlpool baths

dental equipment

vehicle wash systems

industrial processes

other risk systems detailed in HSG274 Part 3