System & Total Space Disinfection

Watertec offers a comprehensive hot and cold water system and total space disinfection service using a variety of technologies dependant upon the application.


Water System Disinfection

Water system disinfection includes draining and cleaning supply tanks, flushing water heaters and disinfecting the entire hot and cold system with contact times of one to two hours dependant on the appropriate methodology using: 

Sodium Hypochlorite: Free chlorine disinfection to British Standard BS:6700 

Chlorine Dioxide: Particularly useful for removing biofilms and disinfection of tanks using a spray method

Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide: A safe and effective disinfection method in certain circumstances when supplies cannot be disrupted.


Total Space Disinfection

In certain circumstances entire rooms, basements, loft spaces, air conveyancing systems and entire buildings require specialist disinfection techniques to combat a range of human pathogens including bacteria and viruses and other microbiological hazards including  yeasts, molds, fungi, spores and malodour.

Watertec utilises the internationally aclaimed Sanosil fogging biocide system to combat these issues and have achieved spectacular results proven by before and after surface swap testing using ATP bio-luminescence sampling technology.

Further information on the Sanosil fogging biocide disinfection system can be accessed here:

Sanosil Disinfectants for Life