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Legionella Control for Social Housing Providers

Social housing is owned and managed by registered providers (often known as social landlords) and tend to be non-commercial organisations such as local authorities or housing associations.

In the past there has been some confusion amongst social landlords concerning their duties in relation to legionella control as it was widely thought that domestic properties fell outside the scope of the regulations.

The recent publication of the technical guidance in HSG274 Part 2 provides much needed clarification i.e.

  • ACoP L8 applies to social landlords
  • Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of exposure of tenants to legionella is properly assessed
  • All water systems require a risk assessment
  • Landlords should inform tenants of the potential risk of exposure to legionella and advise any actions arising from the findings of the risk assessment
  • A representative proportion of the premises should be initially assessed extending to the entire estate on a rolling programme

Watertec has a successful record of providing effective legionella control to social housing providers and has the expertise and experience to assist clients develop effective stategies for compliance.

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